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1. Please provide a detailed account, up to 1000 words, of your role as a home influencer. Describe your passion for home decor, organisation, or DIY projects, the platforms you utilise to share your expertise, and the unique perspective you bring to the home and interior space.

2. Showcase your creativity and expertise by sharing specific examples of your most inspiring home-related content. Highlight your ability to curate beautiful spaces, provide practical tips and hacks, and share home improvement projects that inspire and resonate with your audience.

3. How has your influence as a home influencer impacted your followers and the home decor community? Share measurable outcomes such as increased engagement, positive feedback, or success stories from individuals who have found inspiration or achieved positive changes in their own homes through your content.

Please adhere to the word limit of 1000 words for each entry and include any supporting evidence as attachments or hyperlinks within your submission. A comprehensive entry with strong supporting evidence will greatly enhance your chances of winning the respective Influencer of the Year category.

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