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Are you a student or recent graduate from any local University or College who has demonstrated exceptional marketing skills and enterprising spirit? We invite you to showcase your achievements and enter the NI Social Media ‘Ulster University Marketing + Enterprising Student of the Year’ award!

This prestigious award recognises the outstanding efforts and accomplishments of students and graduates in the field of marketing and entrepreneurship. If you have demonstrated a passion for marketing, innovative thinking, and a drive to create and implement successful initiatives, this is your chance to shine.

To be eligible for the Ulster University Marketing + Enterprising Student of the Year award, you must meet the following entry requirements:

1. Current Student or Recent Graduate: You must be a current student enrolled at any local University or College or have graduated within the past two years.

2. Marketing Excellence: You should demonstrate excellence in marketing, showcasing your knowledge, skills, and achievements in areas such as marketing campaigns, market research, brand management, social media, digital marketing, or any other relevant marketing discipline.

3. Entrepreneurial Mindset: You should showcase your enterprising spirit, highlighting your ability to think creatively, identify business opportunities, and take initiative in developing and implementing entrepreneurial projects or initiatives.

4. Impact and Results: Your entry should highlight the impact and results of your marketing and entrepreneurial efforts. This may include measurable outcomes such as increased brand awareness, customer engagement, revenue generation, successful product launches, or any other relevant achievements.

5. Supporting Evidence: Include any supporting evidence that showcases your marketing and enterprising abilities. This may include examples of marketing campaigns, project portfolios, testimonials from industry professionals or clients, or any other relevant documentation that demonstrates your skills and accomplishments.

To enter the Ulster University Marketing + Enterprising Student of the Year award, submit your entry following the guidelines provided on our official website. Make sure to provide a comprehensive overview of your marketing achievements, entrepreneurial initiatives, and supporting evidence to strengthen your entry.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be recognised for your outstanding marketing and enterprising skills as a student or recent graduate from Ulster University. Submit your entry today and stand a chance to become the Ulster University Marketing + Enterprising Student of the Year!

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