Introducing our fantastic judges

Jay Harris ​
Senior Social Media Executive / JD Sports Fashion plc​

Introducing Jay Harris, a Senior Social Media Executive at JD Sports Fashion, an influential force in the digital media industry with over 5 years of experience under his belt. 

In his current role, Jay deftly develops and implements the company’s LinkedIn social media strategy, demonstrating a keen understanding of online audience engagement and community building. 

Jay has been instrumental in elevating the social media profiles of various clients, including Nestlé and Campari subsidiary brands, while working at THG Ingenuity. He specialises in Organic Social Media management and growth blended with Paid Social support. 

His passion for connecting with people and fostering relationships through social media is evident in his work, and his innovative thinking consistently opens new avenues for audience engagement and business growth. 

What sets Jay apart, though, is his personal journey. After receiving a diagnosis of Dyslexia in 2017 and ADHD in 2021, he is a role model for individuals and inspires countless others striving to overcome personal challenges. His resilience and determination underscore the reality that obstacles can indeed become stepping stones to success. 

Jay’s innovative approach, unwavering commitment, and inspiring personal journey make him a remarkable asset in the social media industry. We are honoured to welcome Jay Harris as a judge for the NI Social Media Awards, confident that his expertise and unique perspective will make a significant contribution to this event. 

Amy Lynch​
Social Media Lead / Ryanair​

Introducing Amy Lynch, a highly experienced social media professional who currently serves as Social Media Lead at Ryanair.

Amy is a strategic and creative marketing and communications professional based in Dublin.

Amy currently manages the social media activities for Ryanair, Europe’s favourite airline. During her time with the company, she has developed and implemented a social media strategy that has had a significant impact on building brand awareness and influencing key markets.

Her role extends to content creation, process development, stakeholder education, and the management of various content shoots involving tourism boards and airport partners.

Before her current role at Ryanair, Amy worked in several in-house and agency roles across Ireland, UK and New Zealand. She was instrumental in brand development and management, creatively designing and implementing comprehensive communication, sponosrship and marketing campaigns, and executing events both online and in-person.

Amy is effective at delivering high-quality content for marketing purposes, managing tasks individually and as part of a team, and she consistently produces excellent results.

She brings extensive experience and a proven track record to our event, making her a highly esteemed member of our judging panel.

Jordan Meyer​
Social Media Manager / Formula E​

Meet Jordan Meyer, the mastermind Social Media Manager at Formula E, where he expertly formulates and executes the company’s social media strategies. Jordan’s role spans across creating engaging content, interacting with fans, and meticulously assessing the results.

With a decade-long journey in the digital media industry, Jordan’s expertise is profound. His career began at ESPN as a Video Producer, where he produced compelling content for various sports properties. This was followed by a tenure at Ascot Racecourse, where he elevated the company’s social media channels and website content. In 2019, Jordan took on the role of Video Producer at Watford Football Club, once again showcasing his talents in creating compelling content for the club’s social media channels and website.

Jordan is more than just a seasoned digital media professional; he is a passionate advocate of utilising social media to build relationships and connect with fans. His creativity is second to none, always on the lookout for innovative ways to engage fans and achieve business objectives.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Jordan has a strong belief in the positive potential of technology. He views social media as a powerful tool for uniting people and building communities. He sees great promise in the use of social media as an educational and informative platform to enlighten people on important issues.

We are delighted to welcome Jordan Meyer as a judge for the NI Social Media Awards. His experience, creativity, and unwavering commitment to the power of digital connections will undoubtedly bring valuable insights to the event.

Dayna Sara Baker ​
Social Media Manager / Revolut​

Introducing Dayna Sara Baker, an experienced social media manager with a passion for community building and creativity. With a diverse background spanning various industries, Dayna brings valuable expertise and a genuine enthusiasm for leveraging digital platforms.

With a keen interest in influencer marketing and a passion for staying ahead of the curve on platforms like TikTok, Dayna remains up-to-date with the ever-evolving social media landscape.

Her experience in social media management across different sectors enables her to develop effective strategies that engage audiences and drive impressive results.

Currently serving as a Social Media Manager at Revolut, Dayna excels in her role by enhancing the company’s online presence. By seamlessly integrating storytelling and creativity, she has significantly contributed to Revolut’s growth and success on social media.

As a judge at the Northern Ireland Social Media Awards, Dayna will bring a wealth of experience and a discerning eye for excellence. Her unique perspective, honed through her extensive career in social media management, will undoubtedly enrich the judging process.

With her unwavering commitment to innovation and her ability to recognise exceptional creativity, Dayna is a remarkable addition to the judging panel. She eagerly anticipates contributing to the selection of the most distinguished entries for the awards.

Jack Francis ​
Social Media + Content Manager / Ebay​

Introducing Jack Francis, a seasoned Social Media & Content Manager currently making a significant impact at eBay. With over five years of comprehensive experience in both agency and in-house environments, Jack has a proven track record in cultivating an expansive online presence for businesses through strategic social media campaigns.

Jack is a creative force with exceptional skills in content writing and design. His expertise extends to community management and influencer outreach, both crucial elements in today’s digital marketplace. Jack consistently demonstrates an ability to connect with audiences, generate engagement, and boost brand visibility in an increasingly crowded online space.

In his current role with eBay, Jack manages the company’s social media channels across multiple platforms, collaborating closely with the brand team to develop and execute social media strategies that complement the company’s overall business objectives.

Previously, Jack has collaborated with an impressive portfolio of brands, including Born Social, CarShop, and Buzz Social. Each of these roles has equipped him with a deep understanding of the social media landscape and the ability to navigate it effectively, making him a valuable asset to any team.

Jack’s robust experience, strategic approach, and creative flair make him an exemplary figure in the field of social media marketing. We are thrilled to welcome Jack Francis as a judge for the NI Social Media Awards, where his insights and expertise will be invaluable.

Leah Silverlock​
Head Of Social Media + Community / Trustpilot​

Leah is the Head of Social Media & Community – Global at Trustpilot and resides in Edinburgh, Scotland. She is a conceptual thinker with a knack for crafting strategies, unearthing insights, and designing creative solutions for commercial outcomes, with over a decade of experience in the consumer experience space.

Leah has a history of delivering award-winning, brand social media marketing campaigns, with an emphasis on strategic development, insight, and multi-channel marketing expertise. Her specialties include brand/social media strategy, strategic planning, community strategy, customer journey mapping, campaign conception, and forging strategic alliances and partnerships.

Leah currently heads the social media and community sectors on a global scale for Trustpilot, a testament to her expertise and leadership. Her tenure at Trustpilot has seen her leverage her skills to make substantial contributions to the company’s success in the social media landscape.

Before her current role, Leah held a position as Senior Social Media Manager at John Doe, where she led social media and community initiatives for several notable brands like Instagram, Tesco Mobile, Seafish, Adidas, and Stretchline.

Leah’s sectoral experience spans various industries, including tourism & hospitality, entertainment, telecoms, and tech. She is driven by challenges that require leadership, collaboration, creativity, self-motivation, and project management.

We are privileged to have a professional of Leah’s calibre on our judging panel and eagerly anticipate the depth of expertise and insight she will bring to our awards.

Ella Wright​
Social Media Manager / NEOM Organics London​

Ella is a seasoned social media manager at NEOM Organics. With over five years of industry experience, Ella has proven herself to be a stalwart in the world of digital marketing, social media management, and content strategy.

In her current role at NEOM, Ella is responsible for managing the company’s social media presence across all major platforms, including Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook, reaching an audience of over 350,000 followers. Her duties encompass the development of a growth and community strategy that is market-specific for UK, US, and EU regions, with the goal of building the most engaged wellbeing community in the UK and beyond.

Before joining NEOM, Ella worked at Mamas & Papas for nearly a year. She served as Social Media & Influencer Manager first at Mamas & Papas then took on a Paid Social Manager role (in conjunction) to build her knowledge in that area.

Earlier in her career, Ella spent over three years at Ponderosa Agency. She honed her skills there as a Social Media Executive before being promoted to Social Media Manager. During her tenure, she managed a range of B2C and B2B clients, conducted social media webinars, and managed influencer relationships.

Ella’s extensive and varied experience in the social media and digital marketing landscape, coupled with her success in driving engagement and growing online communities, makes her an ideal judge for our competition. We are thrilled to have Ella Wright as part of our judging panel and look forward to her expert insights and evaluations.

The Judging Process


When are the key dates for the Awards?

The official commencement for the entry submissions for our Awards is Thursday 25th May 2023, and will be open until Monday, 31st July 2023.

The initial judging round will ensue in August, and the shortlist of candidates will be announced on 4th September 2023. 

The grand reveal of the winners is scheduled for our celebratory event on Saturday 7th October 2023. 

The judging process for the NI Social Media Awards is designed to be fair and impartial. Our esteemed panel of judges comprises experts from various sectors and disciplines within the digital marketing industry, hailing from different parts of the UK and Ireland. Each judge independently reviews and scores the entries they are assigned. This individual assessment helps to prevent any group bias from affecting the scoring and ensures that the judging process remains completely independent. We prioritise transparency and integrity in recognising the best in social media excellence.